In chat with Riddhi

You are from?
Born & brought up in India and been in Sydney from 2008 for study and now for work.

Your outdoor interests?
Love to read fiction books (Series of Sidney Sheldon, The Monk who sold his Ferrari are one of my favorites) & listening music.

Your friends describe you as?
Energetic & Full of life.

Something about your family?
In my family, everyone is equally important to me. If I have to pick one, I would rather choose my mother, because of her I am in this world.

What makes you stand out the crowd?
My personality & presence of mind help someone to find me in the crowd.

Your dream job?
Account Management is the word for me and that is what I am doing and would like to do forever.

What inspires you the most?
Challenges and a word of appreciation from colleague, partner, boss.

Best moment of your life so far?
Became mother and held my son for the first time within my hands.

You want to be remembered as?
A cheerful & helpful human being.

If money was no object, what would you like to do all day?
Reading is my passion, so I would start writing my own thoughts then.

Your perfect day look like?
I’ll schedule the day as following:

  • Waking up at
  • Exercise / Yoga for an hour
  • Watch my son and help him to start his routine
  • Cooking for myself and family
  • Work as much as I can / Reading book
  • Listen music to get freshen up after all day activity
  • 7pm dinner, followed by a Movie / Family Gathering
  • Sleep at 10pm

An incident that may have changed the way you look at life?
I have been brought up and lived in a pampered way being the youngest child in the family. But started to look into my life seriously when first I accepted work in Sydney and in a real sense I got into responsibility, after being getting married.