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How Does It Work?

    All you have to do is refer a friend and once he/she starts working with us, you will receive $500 straight into your account.

How Do I Refer Someone?

The referral process couldn’t be easier. Simply contact us via either of the forms below:

  • If you want to personally introduce your referral to Octos, fill out

    'Option 1) Introduce us’ form. With this form, you can send a direct introductory mail to both OCTOS and your referral.

  • OR
  • If you want us to get in touch with your referral directly, fill out the

    ‘Option 2) Share a Referral’ form. Simply share your referral’s basic details and we will contact them directly.

How Do I Get Paid?

  • Referral payment is activated when the first invoice is raised for the new referred client.
  • Your referral payment will be received within 5-7 business days after the new referred client has settled their account.

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