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Octos is a Google Partner certified by Google AdWords Partner Certification Program, which grants AdWords certification to both individuals and agencies who accomplish Google exams. This program is mainly for digital professionals, advertising agencies, and other online marketers who manage AdWords accounts. This program holds one primary and five advanced exams namely, Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Video Advertising, Shopping Advertising and Mobile Advertising.



Getting certification help both individuals and agencies earning Google Partner Status as well as the Partner or Premiere Partner Badge that can be shared on public profiles.


Access to the events, promotional offers, training & updates, whether industrial, product or community.


Companies with Google Partner badge get listed on Google Partners Search and are available in results when businesses search for their nearest Google Partners.


Google Partner badge helps you earn a distinguished presence in the market.

Our Voyage

In 2013, Google Partners was initiated to screen out the organisations delivering the best AdWords services to clients. Since then, we have been officially hooked up with it and have been actively participating in all the quarterly competitions organised by the Google Partners.

We are proud to announce that Octos became a clear winner of Google Partners’ “AllStars" Competition in 2015, which is one of the biggest competitions by Google to identify the best SEM agencies around Australia and New Zealand.

Being coupled with Google AdWords Partners makes us work even more enthusiastically to keep on elevating and maintaining our standards. Our campaigns are being reviewed by Google to ensure every strategy is properly implemented along with meeting customer expectations so that we outshine at using Google Products.

Benefits of working with a Premier Google Partner:

  • Certified Expert Advice
  • Direct Google Support
  • Access to BETA Testing
  • Access to Product Training
  • Dynamic Campaign Data

Field of Expertise

Our team being a Google Ads Premier Partner is fully certified, giving our clients peaceful state of mind that we aren't just experts at using the Google products and tools, but we can use the same knowledge to maximise their results.

We specialise in the following fields:

We have also been honoured by the dedicated Account Managers from Google Partners for continuous correspondence.
We feel proud to display our Badge of Premier Google Partners.

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