Nital Shah

Nital Shah

Nital is a strategic and composed Entrepreneur. His confident marketing approach and excellent management skills have helped him make his dreams come true as a smart business leader.

We are currently in the swell of the next wave of revolution in digital business operations. If your agency isn’t prepared to adapt to the new model that is emerging, it will only be a matter of short time before your company is simply unable to compete in the digital marketplace.

This new model is centered around white labeling and search marketing.

Due to continuous advances in the sophistication of communications and info-tech, collaboration between individuals and organisations across the globe has never been more accessible, efficient and necessary.

White Label Search Marketing - outsourcing

As a player in the digital marketing space, you might have heard of, or even considered, white labeling.

The phrase comes from conventional brick and mortar retail, especially for food products and nutritional supplements. This is when one company purchases a product or formula from another company and then sells it on the market under their own brand.

In digital marketing services, this is the equivalent of teaming up with a skilled contractor – or a “white label expert” – to fill the gaps around your particular skill set and expertise, in order to offer more specialised, full spectrum services to your clients. This collaborative model allows each party to generate revenue while working within their own zone of genius.

Most businesses cannot feasibly afford to keep a roster of full-time staff with expertise in all fields, such as social media marketing strategists, salespeople, web developers, SEO, SEM and analytics experts. This implies hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in recruitment, salaries, training, benefits and various other staffing expenses.

 The Advantages of White Labeling - SEO

The Advantages of White Labeling

  • Cut operational costs and lower expenses
  • Provide far more value and flexible services to a wider client base
  • Offer pricing that your competitors can’t match
  • Avoid the struggle and hassle of doing work that you don’t enjoy or understand
  • Access the best cutting edge experts abroad in their respective field
  • Maintain a more mobile and dynamic business

Successful agencies on the cutting edge are finding that contracting teams of white label experts, as they need them, is a creative solution to simultaneously offer more value to their current and prospective clients, while greatly reducing operational costs.

And because they’re saving so much in overhead, they are able to offer lower pricing that their competitors simply can’t match, while still making a hefty profit.

This is why these more agile and forward-thinking agencies will dominate the market. By leveraging cloud-based access to leading experts and top performers around the world, they will be able to deliver unparalleled results that are customised to the needs of each client, at a fraction of the price.

Imagine never feeling limited to what you can offer and having to forfeit prospective business. Instead, you can say “Yes” without hesitation to whatever your client asks for and hire cutting-edge experts on the back end when necessary to cover your bases.

The Importance of Search Marketing

In addition to white labeling, the most imperative domain of the business in the digital age is search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimisation (SEO).


Search Marketing is the most critical factor for success in online business and the last area where we should be making compromises. The most brilliant strategy and aesthetically beautiful brand are completely useless if they are invisible to the people that are looking for what you have to offer.

This is the aspect of modern business that most companies find incredibly confusing, frustrating and difficult to execute well. Because they don’t have confidence and fluency with SEO and SEM, they either completely avoid it, or just settle for poor results.

The Cons of Not Using White Labeling For Search Marketing

Most agencies have resistance toward search marketing because they simply don’t feel the need for it. They have a comfortable amount of clients and don’t feel compelled to market themselves and optimise their online presence.

But there are thousands of other marketing agencies near you competing for business. If you choose to rely solely on word-of-mouth for your clients, you are bound to lose them over time to other more flexible, web savvy agencies that are going the white label route, and are intelligently marketing superior services at cheaper costs.

White Label Search Marketing - surviving

The scenario is rather digitally Darwinian. Remaining static is not an option. Either your agency adapts to survive, or slowly erodes in the coming flood of innovation.

And why struggle with the headache when you can simply get hassle-free, top-notch results on the go via the white label model?

Search Marketing is very tedious and time consuming if it’s not what you specialise in. This may have you and your team wasting many hours of valuable time away from focusing on your strengths and not seeing many benefits. But when it is done efficiently and correctly by an expert, search marketing can have massive impacts on your business.

It is also probably not a service you need year-round. Spending the money on hiring on a full time, in-house search marketing and analytics expert just doesn’t make sense for most agencies. Instead of losing thousands of dollars, or ignoring it altogether, outsourcing is a fantastic solution.

The Myth of Low Quality Results In Outsourcing

There can be resistance to adopting the white label model as well simply because it’s foreign and unfamiliar. Some people associate outsourcing with high risk of low quality work.

But in reality this is not the case at all. In fact, going the white label route often gives you access to the best talent in their respective field.

Just like putting your brand name on a breakfast cereal or nutritional supplement, of course you want to be confident that the product you will be providing your customer is high enough quality to represent your brand well.


A specialist white label Search Engine Marketing agency, for example, employs true professionals, who know their field inside and out. Because they offer their specific set of skills to a diverse client base, they will know how to work with you seamlessly on any project and provide you with fast, quality results.

Integrating this new operational paradigm into your business will enrich your portfolio, enhance the quality of your brand, expand your clientele and boost your profits.

Adopting the white label search engine marketing approach, sooner rather than later, will have you better equipped to run a thriving marketing agency in the digital age, meet the demands of the market and navigate the continuous changes on the horizon, which are only becoming faster and more numerous as time goes on.