Hemang Patel

Hemang Patel

When Hemang is not watching a Marvel movie or not reading a Novel or not reading an article on Linkedin or not Playing/Watching Cricket or not binging on Amazon Prime or not spending time with his 2 lovely kids and wife, you will, fortunately, see him investing Time at Office and connecting with People!

This is one of the most innocent and simple questions to listen to but probably a difficult one to answer.

I am surrounded by learning from all sides, quite literally!

It is commonly accessible and exists in everything I do and therefore it is certain and unavoidable.

Every situation that I face, whether at home or at office, gives me an opportunity to learn as to who I am, what am I capable of, what are my limits, what is important or not important to me, what makes me proud of myself, what makes me laugh, what surprises me, what do I love, what excites me, and much more…

Furthermore, its equally vital to reflect on the learning process and detect how did I learn, what made me learn or why did I learn, what helped me learn (enabler) and how can I apply the learning in the future.

Professionally, I assimilate a wide range of information in bits and pieces throughout the day by observations, conversations, experiences, reading, and research and I am pleased to label them as my learnings. All this, then further, miraculously appears every time I require it from my wonderful repository of a lifetime of learning – The Brain!

And this proves the global fact that learning is a constant process.

In fact, I personally do not consider a single day of my life to be a waste as I have learned something new every day.


Our team members took part in the Accent Neutralization Training conducted in the month of MAY and JUNE 2019 and let’s see what did they learn from it.


Thank you, management, for arranging this wonderful Accent Neutralization Training for us 🙂
The Accent Neutralization session was really a great learning experience for me.
Learnings from this training –
1. Whatever you learn, you should add fun to it which Mr. Harish had in his every minute of the session, with live examples.
2. This training was not only about neutralizing Accent, but Mr. Harish has added a few bites of Life lessons training as well, by sharing his personal experiences.
3. A syllable-stress which I was aware of, but now, using it effectively in my routine English speaking.

Practice & Practice – is the mantra 🙂


 “This is Siddhant. I’d like to elaborate a little (bit more than little) on the feedback of the sessions that you’ve arranged for us on  ‘Accent Neutralization and Stabilization’.
Looking forward to the first day itself, many of us who claimed themselves to be proficient in the language to a great extent took a step back in the first hour itself. But then you can never learn unless you accept to be not knowing.
Hence, we started the journey as naive.
The sessions were amazingly interactive and engaging.
Harish, the trainer, not even left a single minute for us without a smile (Better to say a big laugh) on our face.
It proved to be a knowledge that made us apply it in daily lives and earn respect.
As sessions passed, our interest started increasing. None of us ever looked at the clock while in the session.
Not just our knowledge but the grip, command, enthusiasm on the language got elevated. Now we can say that we know the logic behind things when it comes to English.
And it made us prove the saying what Harish used to say, ‘Aapni English Powerful Che’.
Loads of thanks to you and Harish to arrange such an opportunity for us. We’re really looking forward to having revision sessions for the same training and furthermore new sessions soon.

P.S: The best thing was, ‘Learning with an amazing involvement of each of us’.

Thank You:)”


“The Training/ sessions are boring was truly a misbelief this time”.
The training was super amazing and full of fun learning for me.
I have never been so happy in the office hours like I was in the training times.
Harish Sir, makes us learn in really different ways! He knows how to make the training more interesting every day.
I still remember the very first day he asked a question which was about who knows English and how much percentage? And most of us replied 70-80% and once we were aware of the things Harish told us about English we were like no, we do not know English, haha!
The basics were not taught right in our schools which we learned the correct ones now by Harish Sir.
I learned three things from this training,

1. The correct pronunciation which helps me to improve it in front of my clients even when I talk to anyone I correct myself these days! 🙂
2. I think twice before I speak, our parents always told this, but I never thought this deep. Now, I am afraid not to pronounce the wrong things in front of people. So, ‘think before you speak’ is now been applied for me because of this training.
3. Stress syllable is the best thing I’ve learned.

If I talk about except the actual learning stuff, one of my takeaways is, not to think about the future and just live in the present, we worry about the future and forget to live in the happiness of the present. Harish gives good life lessons too, which he always uses to share in every training session.
Also, how can we have fun while learning new things is a lovely experience! 🙂
Thank you so much for everything you made us learn, Harish. Hat’s off to you. It’s such a blessing!
Also, thanks a lot, Hemang!  Without you, it wasn’t even possible. A big thanks and really appreciate your dedication towards keeping this training for us. 🙂


“The training sessions with Harish sir were very much engaging, lively and fun.
It improves my pronunciation a lot which in turn helps me to speak confidently professionally and personally.
If you are confident enough that you know English pronunciation 70-80% then you should at least go for the first session to verify ;)”


“The accent neutralization training conducted by Harish was quite insightful.”
Learning things like where to put syllable stress, which forms the base of correctly pronouncing most of the words in the English language, is very crucial but neglected even at the school level. And now that we have learned all this, I think it would be of great help not only at the workplace but everywhere else too. Even those who feel they are quite fluent in spoken English should give it a try. Because being fluent is one thing but being able to pronounce words correctly is another and matters a lot. Also, accent neutralization is not to be confused with learning how to speak in a British, American or Australian accent because pronunciation is totally different from the accent. All in all, it was great training and helped us correct those things we have been doing wrong and were unaware of.

In our Train the Trainer Program conducted on 26TH JUNE 2019, the trainers learned how to implement the training module for the growth of the trainees.


“I have got many learnings from the “Train the Trainer” Program held on 26-6-2019. I have realized how I can perform outside of my comfort zone. I am really happy when I met new people who have the same mindset (thoughts).”


“From my experience of training, it was amazing and very relatable for me. As right now I have a small team wherein I train or solve doubts for them. And these learnings will help me to improve the upcoming training sessions.”
Thanks again for the learning!


“It was a great session indeed. Really made me ponder upon my strengths and weaknesses. The way our trainer described the entire process of “how to build confidence and present ourselves in front of the audience” was the most valuable asset of the session.”


“A good training session. Excellent content and very knowledgeable. Interesting and stimulating. Great opportunity to improve aspects of communications and delivery that may seem like common sense but are often overlooked. Thanks to our trainer.”


“It was a very insightful session. It helped me identify my areas of improvement and not only that, the session helped me to improve that area. Keeping the point and also the ways to conduct a session, it helped to structure my session. Thanks to our marvelous trainer.”