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So, again its time to pull up your socks, roll-up your sleeves and get hold of your laptop; Time for some important Google Ads updates! 

Same as before, marketing basics remain the same, you need to research thoroughly, strategize smartly, and adapt promptly. So, what the buzz is about?

Similar to the updates every year, Google unleashes another list of updates that would be changing the way marketers and business owners advertise online. These new Google Ads updates leverage machine learning and are focussed to offer marketers more manageable advertising tactics. 

Among the long list of updates, some of the most important ones include:

1. The New Discovery Ads

With the new Google Discover Ads, the news feed section again comes to life! Added in September last year, the Discovery Ads from Google gets an update that could help marketers earn better outreach from their ads. The new Google Discover Ads offer a swipeable image carousel ad format that seems more engaging and offers better reach over a single image ad format. 

Marketers can promote these ads across the YouTube home feed section, the Google Discover feed section, and the Gmail promotions tab. According to a survey, TechStyle (an online fashion retailer) witnessed a 25% lower cost per lead when they used Discovery Ads. These types of ads also use machine learning to study and show the prospects the most relevant ads. 

2. Smart Bidding Gets Redefined

Machine learning takes the lead when it comes to technologies that would change the face of digital marketing. And Google leverages it the best with its updated smart bidding category. You have been using smart bidding or automated bidding to optimize your bids according to your desired goals like conversions, conversion values, ROAS, CPC, etc. 

Google Ads update brings you three new modifications to the smart bidding category, these include:

  • Campaign-level conversion goals: You can now create a common goal for all of your bids within a specific campaign. 
  • Conversion action sets: You can now optimize your bids across several campaigns by creating a set of desired conversion actions. 
  • Seasonality adjustments: Now you can make seasonal bid adjustments. If you feel an upcoming season can bring you increased sales opportunities, you can optimize your bids for those particular dates. 

3. YouTube Bumper Ads Are Coming

YouTube Bumper Ads are the 6-second Ads that play at the starting of a video on YouTube. These ads create a great impact on the users and are considered to create a much more memorable impression in the user’s mind as compared to other 30-second video Ads. 

YouTube is set to offer a Bumper Machine by the end of this year, which would help the marketers to create sleek, professional bumper ads from one to two-minute marketing videos. This tool would include the basic video editor to make the video look according to the marketer’s perception. 

4. Audience Expansion Tool Is On The Way

You must have used Facebook’s ‘lookalike audience’ feature to expand the reach of your ads to an audience similar to your target audience. Now you will be able to use the same feature in Google Ads with the new ‘audience expansion tool’. An important Google Ads updates include the addition of ‘audience expansion tool’, which will help the marketers to expand their custom audience by adding an audience that shows the same behavior as their set custom audience. 

Now that can be a great feature to earn more returns from your most successful audience targeting groups. 

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5. Now Consumers Can Directly Shop Through Google Shopping 

Google creates a win-win situation for marketers with its new shoppable ads. New Google Ads updates make E-Commerce shopping ads all the more shoppable. Google has announced that the new version of image shopping ads will now allow the customers to shop a product directly within the shopping interface, without having to visit the website. 

However, the button to click through to the website will be always there, in case a user wishes to check out the product on the website.     

Google has been consistently updating its advertising suite to make digital marketing all the more effective for marketers. The above Google Ads updates hint a potential call to action that can help your business grow. So, start exploring these updates and regularly check our blog for more similar updates.