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Sheryl Jones

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Google My Business listings have helped over 150 million local businesses reach out to the audience who are searching for them on Google. The platform has come as one of the best ways to list any local business on Google for free. But, Google doesn’t wait here, and it regularly keeps on modifying the GMB platform to help businesses promote themselves better. Here are new Google My Business updates that you need to keep an eye on:

1. Welcome Offers Feature

I just heard ‘deal’, let’s do the talking! Deals and discounts are the first things that attract consumers online. GMB’s new update brings marketers and business owners the capability to offer reward offers and discounts to users who follow their business profile on Google. This can help marketers convert first-time customers into loyal ones. The strategy is commonly used by E-commerce businesses on their official websites. 

2. Create a Viral Short Name and URL for your Business

As a new Google My Business update, businesses will now be able to claim a short business name and URL for their business. They can send this to users to refer them to their business profiles for goals like – getting them to write a review for you or make a booking.

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3. The Logo Feature

Google My Business listing will now allow businesses to display their logo more prominently on their profiles. Once a business has completed setting up its profile with the necessary details like phone number, working hours, etc., their logo will be displayed on the top right corner of the listing. GMB has previously added a custom cover picture as an option for business owners. 

4. Photo Captions Are Coming

Google Business Page will now include a new dynamic module for displaying your business photos more attractively. The new update also allows marketers to add photo captions that describe the background of each photo.

5. Promote Your GMB In-store

As an important Google My Business update, Google will soon launch a new website where marketers could download and buy customized assets related to their Google profile (for eg. Stickers) to be displayed in their stores. This can help them promote their GMB profile to their store visitors.  

Google is all set to help businesses promote better through its maps and listing platforms. In the coming months, it will be launching a category, named “Local Favourite” that would be designated to the top 5% of businesses who have been delivering great customer experience consistently. Google would also be launching recognition badges and categories that can be displayed on the business profiles. These Google My Business updates will be helping businesses display their identity in detail and stand out from their competitors. Stay tuned for similar updates.