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Sheryl Jones

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Guest Blogging is creating content and publishing it on another person’s website. If you are publishing posts on blogs other than your own, or are allowing other bloggers to post on your blog, you are engaging in guest blogging. Many experts believe Guest Blogging SEO as the most effective way of Link Building and some of them don’t after Matt Cutt’s statement in 2014. Google basically hates copied and repetitive content. “The Spammy one’s”. But if you have the original and fresh content on your site, Google isn’t going to harm or penalize you in any way.

Social sharing also plays an important role in Guest Blogging strategy. Mainly it’s all about doing it in a right way, stick to the set of standards by Google and maintain the quality.

Here I thought to give a complete background on Guest blogging SEO, while researching I found some great articles which can not only help the niche industry experts but also highly useful to start for dummies. Check out  what works best and how to do Guest blogging with my top 6 picks of Guest Blogging.

1. Guest Blogging is Ruling in 2015. Find why?

After Matt Cutt’s announced in 2014 that Guest Posting is dead, many experts told reviewed and concluded that Guest blogging SEO is of no benefit but it would improve brand awareness, traffic and visibility, which would indirectly and eventually impact the whole SEO. Check out this blog to read what the industry experts comments about Guest Blogging:

2. How to Do Guest Blogging for SEO Purposes

SEO has been evolving many changes post Panda and Penguin update. And SEO is all about ranking and visibility. Despite Google’s warning, Guest Blogging is still valuable for SEO. It is still used for exposure and traffic. Understand the step-by-step Guest Blogging strategy for SEO purpose.

3. Reasons why Opting For Guest Blogging Services is a Good Idea

There are ample of reasons to why should we opt for Guest Blogging services. What is the first question we ask when we started with social accounts? How to get more followers? Isn’t it? Guest Blogging is the answer to this. Guest Posting is the best way to build relationships and even get quality backlinks for your site. Read more reasons in detail here:

 4. 10 Guest blogging SEO Tips

If you are a guest blogger, then this is for you. Guest Blogging is huge and endless. It’s really all about enjoying writing consistently as it’s not so easy to write for self branding. Find out what should be kept in mind while Guest Blogging.

5. How to Find Best Guest Blogging Sites

Yea, I have seen many bloggers find difficult to find the worth Guest Blogging site. Ebery blogger wish to have their blog in high quality site. So here are the steps which can help you find the relevant worthy guest blogging site.

6. Benefits of Guest Blogging SEO

Now yes, Guest Blogging has endless benefits. One of its most definite benefit is, it will enhance your writing skills. Meeting like-minded individuals, SEO purpose and many more. Here is an amazing infographic which showcases more benefits of Guest Blogging.