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Majid Ali

Majid leads the SEM team and his sharp command over Paid Search and Paid Social Media Platforms allows him to reach different targeted audiences. Other than work one can witness his skills on the cricket field.


Over the years, marketers and business owners have witnessed significant growth in in-store sales through online promotions. The searches for “on sale near me” keywords have increased by 250% within the past two years and this particularly hints the capability of Google Ads platform to promote in-store sales. Following this, Google Ads new features have been introduced to help marketers grow in-store sales. 

Some of the new Google Ads features include: 

1. Creation of Location Groups

The new location groups feature helps you create a subset of your business locations and promote your custom messaging to your ad offers for specific locations. 

You need to set the location extension where you can select the various business locations you wish to add to the group. Below is the screenshot:

2. Asset Performance Tracking 

The new asset reporting feature will help the marketers get clear insights into their asset performance. The reports can help you compare the different assets created and messaging, so to figure out which one works best for your business. 

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3. Adding Promotions to Local Inventory

In response to marketers’ questions on how to increase in-store sales, Google Ads now allows you to add promotions to your local inventory ads. You can now promote your in-store offers on your local inventory directly through your inventory ads. 

4. Optimised Smart Bidding

Another new Google Ads feature is the addition of seasonality adjustments to smart bidding. This will help marketers to make seasonal bid adjustments to their ads and expect an increase in sales. You can find these in  your bidding strategy options:

5. Target In-Market Audience

Based on the previous search activities by users, Google creates in-market audiences that can be targeted for your business. Google Ads new features include an expanded range of in-market audiences across new categories, including – education, real estate, sports, and beauty.                        

6. Drive Calls Through Google Ads

Google is set to make some modifications through which marketers will be able to optimize their local campaigns to drive calls to their business locations. 

Google is continuously ramping up to offer more precise and personalized ways of marketing for increasing in-store sales. So, start implementing the above set new Google Ads features to optimize your campaigns for increased retail sales.