Majid Ali

Majid Ali

Majid leads the SEM team and his sharp command over Paid Search and Paid Social Media Platforms allows him to reach different targeted audiences. Other than work one can witness his skills on the cricket field.

Facebook has always been at the top of the league when it comes to introducing innovative social media strategies for marketers to advertise better. The platform makes up for over 2.38 billion active users monthly and supports over 90 million small businesses. Facebook has recently introduced a set to new features that could help small business owners to manage their marketing prudently on Facebook without having to invest a great amount of time in marketing. Facebook marketing for small businesses now seems more promising with features like Facebook Automated Ads, Facebook Appointments and newly added video editing tools.

Facebook Automated Ads

Advertising on Facebook becomes a lot easier for small businesses, as now with the new Facebook Automated ads, it would just take them several minutes for setting up an ad campaign and start reaping benefits. These automated ads run on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger. These ads are set up based on the answers of some simple questions and preferences you fill while setting up your ad.

Key Features of Facebook Automated Ads:

Six Versions Available: You get a choice of creating up to 6 different versions of your ads. Facebook helps you suggest the CTA, and the content of the ad according to the details you enter and your Facebook business page details. Facebook also analyses the performance of the different versions of your ad and suggests you the best performing version.

Results Remain the Prime Focus: Facebook small business owners who are not sure about the budget that they should invest on their ads do not have to worry as Facebook will suggest a recommended budget based on the goals and targeting they set. You can add your own custom budget, and Facebook will also show you the estimated results you can expect.

Recommended Targeting: Facebook automated ads minimizes your efforts in customising the whole audience targeting and you can choose from the recommended audience options. These options are created based on the details you enter and the content on your Facebook page.

Performance Notifications: Facebook automated ads has the notification feature that keeps the small business owners notified about the performance of their ads and give advice on how the ads can be optimised. These can be in the form of creating more engaging images, or changing the target audience, etc.

The new Facebook features bring great opportunities for small businesses, who don’t have enough time to create and manage a custom Facebook ad campaign. So, now with Facebook Automated Ads, they can easily advertise on Facebook.

Facebook Appointments Become More Manageable

Adding as a free tool, Facebook and Instagram Appointments allow the marketers to create and manage appointments through which customers can directly book their services. Marketers get a well-managed platform to display the various services, display their availability for the time and date, accept appointments, and manage the appointments directly through the business page. The appointments tab further makes Facebook marketing for small businesses more productive by giving them the ability to send SMS and Messenger reminder to customers, so to prevent no shows. You as a marketer or business owner can sync the appointments with your calendar to keep yourself updated and organised.

 Facebook marketing for small business

Video Editing Made Easy

Facebook has introduced new video editing features that could help marketers edit the existing videos directly for advertising on Facebook. These features include – automatic cropping, video trimming and image, and text overlay feature. These features make Facebook marketing for small businesses preferable as marketers can now create great business promotion videos in less time and with minimal resources.

Facebook is regularly updating its marketing features for small businesses, allowing them to get the best out of their Facebook campaigns. So, start using these features to optimise your Facebook marketing campaigns and grow your business.