8 Benefits of SEO Which Can Help Your Business Aug 25, 2017 | Sara Al Bakri

Sara Al Bakri

Sara Al Bakri

With over 10 years of SEO and SEM experience, Sara’s expertise has allowed her to execute many successful digital strategies for a large number of blue chip clients in Australia.


Angry boss shouting to an employee - SEO

I bet this has happened to you…

Your boss storms into your office, telling you something like: “I just Googled our business. Why aren’t we on the first page of Google yet? Is this SEO thing even working?”

If you’re an SEO professional, or someone has put you in charge of SEO at your business, this scenario might hit a little too close to home.

Search engine optimisation has proven to be an effective lead generation strategy for businesses across all industries, which explains its year-over-year growth. However, your boss is still sceptical about how SEO helps because the results simply don’t happen overnight.

As much as you’ve tried to explain the countless benefits of SEO or the fact that their business cannot exist in the online world without it, they just can’t seem to shake off the “we’re just fine without it” mentality.

How can you convince them that’s not true?

In this article, we’ve put together 8 compelling things you can tell your boss about SEO that will encourage them to come to the party…

But first, for the visual and time poor readers, here is an infographic with 13 statistics illustrating the continued importance of SEO for businesses today:


Now, let’s dive deeper into the eight things you should tell your pessimistic boss about the state of SEO in 2017.

1. Your Competitors Are Doing It

A well-thought-out SEO strategy will take time to show results. So, it can be hard for your boss to understand how SEO can help your business if you don’t have the numbers yet to show progress.

But one thing that might resonate with the desires of your boss is that SEO can give you a competitive advantage.

According to one study, companies invested over $65 billion in SEO in 2016. Another study found that the number of small businesses that are ready to invest in search engine optimisation will grow to 74% this year. What’s more, 81% of marketing influencers are pleased with their SEO strategy and describe it as successful.

What these numbers show is that your competitions are most likely incorporating Search Engine optimization into their marketing strategy and reaping all the benefits of SEO that you’re neglecting.

If you’re a takeaway pizza restaurant in Drummoyne, you are competing with these top four search results. What would it mean to your business if you were ranking number one?

pizza seo

Can you afford to sit back and watch your competitors get all of this traffic?

2. The Digital Landscape Is Changing

Your boss might think that if you have a website and post a few blog articles each month, then that should be enough to keep you at the top of search results.

You need to help them understand that the digital landscape is currently going through a drastic change.

First of all, more and more prospects are using their mobile devices to search for information rather than their desktop computers. So, if your website is not optimised for mobile, your search engine rankings are taking a serious hit.

Plus, the search habits of people have changed. Voice search is on the rise, and it’s expected to double in the next five years. As a result, you will need to rethink your keyword strategy to incorporate more intelligent user intent.

Help your boss understand that if your SEO strategy is not advancing and adapting to these trends, you risk getting stuck in the past. And, if that happens, then you truly are wasting time and money.

3. SEO Is the Future of Marketing

Traditional marketing has taken a serious hit. Sure, people still watch TV and listen to the radio when they’re driving to work. But, they are so fed up with advertisements that they’ve learned how to ignore them.


Instead of shoving marketing messages in front of your audience, you need to go where your prospects are. That means online, searching and sharing information.

Explain to your boss that you are more likely to generate leads (or even close a sale) if your business shows up high in search results.

Internet users are busy creatures. If they can’t find what they need on the first page of Google, then they’re more likely to change their search query than they are to explore the second page of results. In fact, one study found that the number one position in Google gets 33% of search traffic.

That’s a lot.

4. User Experience Will Improve

The importance of SEO can be comprised of delivering a great user experience to your customers.

If your brick and mortar store looks cluttered, and your prospects have a difficult time finding what they need or getting in touch with a sales rep, then they’ll probably leave without buying anything.

The same goes for your site. If it looks unprofessional, hard to navigate, and doesn’t contain relevant information, then your visitors will bounce. A high bounce rate equates to a poor user experience. That’s the last thing your boss wants their business to be associated with.

5. SEO Delivers Better ROI Than PPC

Not only is SEO more cost-effective than pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, but it also delivers better ROI.

Here are some numbers to show to your boss:

  • Searchers trust organic results more than they do paid advertising. One experiment showed that organic results are 8.5 times more likely to be clickedon than paid search results.
    ● Your paid ads will stop showing once your campaign is over. SEO, on the other hand, can yield long-term results.
    ● While PPC requires constant investment and adjustments, SEO will work for you while you are asleep.
    ● SEO is 85% more likely to bring trafficto your site than PPC.

Which one would you click?

business coach sydney - SEO

Don’t get the wrong idea, one strategy is not necessarily better than the other. Both SEO and PPC are effective lead generation strategies and should be a part of a successful online marketing strategy. But if you had to choose one… well, you get the point!

6. It Will Increase Your Trustworthiness

According to one study, customers stop over 70% of online purchases because of a lack of trust.

That’s where SEO can help your business! Not only you can build trust with your prospects through SEO, but you’re also more likely to gain the respect of your peers.

By focusing on creating quality, well-researched content, building links from trusted sources in your niche and getting positive reviews from your customers, you can build your online authority, boost your ranking, and drive more traffic to your site.

7. Big Data Is Revolutionizing Marketing

In a digital space so crowded, delivering one-on-one experiences is one of the best ways to win customers over and get them interested in your business. Big data allows for a more personalised experience by giving you insights into a customer’s personality, needs, or behaviour.

In fact, big data can make SEO easier and more effective than ever before. It can allow you to keep track of keywords, backlinks, on-page optimisation, and other important aspects of your SEO strategy so that you can tweak them as needed.

With big data, you’ll know exactly what works, and what doesn’t – so your tactics will be laser focused.

8. It Can Help Achieve the Company’s Goals

By now, your boss should recognise the value and benefits of SEO to their company. Now, it’s time to explain how search engine optimisation can help achieve the company’s goals.

In addition to increased website traffic, SEO can also help with:

  • Thought leadership;
    ● Brand awareness;
    ● Improved website usability;
    ● Enhanced user experience;
    ● Increased sales;
    ● Higher ranking in local search, and more foot traffic;

Parting Thoughts

For you, it might feel like SEO has been around forever, but for your boss, it may look like a passing marketing trend. Help them understand the value it can bring to the company and the importance SEO plays in today’s world.

Once you’re done putting your points forward on how SEO can help your business, look for a company that can help you achieve your goals.

We here at OCTOS understand that an effective search engine optimisation strategy isn’t built overnight. But, we are more than happy to work hard by your side to help you achieve SEO success. We’re up to date with the industry’s best practices and love to experiment.

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