In chat with Tam

You are from?
Born and raised in Sydney!

Your outside interests?
Beauty and makeup
Korean Dramas
Movies & Music
I love food and trying out new cuisines

Your friends describe you as?
Tall, kind-hearted, supportive

Why are you part of Octos?
I wanted to grow within a company that is also growing. Octos was the perfect opportunity for that. The work ethic and culture of Octos is great as well. I’m very excited to start my career here at Octos.

What inspires you the most?
My family motivates me. They are my backbone.

You want to be remembered as?
Always smiling and laughing and never too serious (unless needed).

If money was no object, what would you like to do all day?
Hmmm.. Just one day? I would travel around Australia.

Your perfect day look like?
Sleeping in, then going out for brunch on a cold day with clear blue skies. Then roaming around mindlessly, then after going for a movie. And of course, munching down on a big and hearty dinner and ending the night watching a TV series.

Whom you love the most?
If I had to choose one family member it would have to be my little sister. She has been through a lot and came out like a champion! I admire her for that.