In chat with Sheryl

You are from?
Basically from New Zealand, shifted to Sydney for education. Now, a marketing professional and pursing my Job, here at Octos.

Your outdoor interests?
Drawing, Crafts making, Listening to music and spending time with my family.

Your friends describe you as?
Outspoken and Loyal, Artistic & Chef Friend.

What makes you stand out the crowd?
My laugh is enough to find me.

Something about your family?
My family is my support system, you can say backbone of mine. I am here because of them and their hard struggle and I owe them this life.

Your dream job?
I am pursuing it being a Marketing Manager at Octos.

What motivates you?
A smile on my parents’ faces is enough to motivate me long.

Best moment of your life?
When my Dad said that I brought him good luck.

You want to be remembered?
A girl with a huge smile no matter what’s the situation.

If money was no object, what you would like to do all day?
Would have been drawing all day long and making crafts.

Your perfect day look like?
My perfect day:

  • Waking up at
  • Make breakfast for my family as Mom always wants me to cook.
  • Having a long family talk for hours (mostly about my life in Sydney)
  • Followed by lunch & moving out for a long family ride to explore new places.
  • A quick chit chat session (Talkative enough)
  • Cooking dinner completely different to my family’s taste and hear comments about it especially from Dad, when the food is too spicy. Love it.
  • And a family discussion to end my day.

Any incident that may have changed the way you look at life?
Every day’s a new lesson and teaches something important that no one else can. But the day that changed my way to look at life was when I left my hometown (comfort zone) and came to this unknown place. I knew things would be different and I have to be on my own. This made me more responsible and capable than I was ever.

What do you love about Octos?
It gave me a platform to learn and to know my own capabilities and helped me to grow in my own way. That’s the best part of Octos.