In chat with Nina

You are from?

Your outdoor interests?
Music, design
Dancing - contemporary and hip hop
This one is a bit sad but true, raiding internet for funny videos of babies eating lemon and epic failure compilations.

What inspires you the most?
Innovative people who start their own businesses and turn their interest into full-time jobs. Other than that, small things such as a great cup of coffee and an interesting podcast will definitely motivate me.

Your friends describe you as?
Honest and ambitious with a very random sense of humor.

What makes you stand out the crowd?
Well, you wouldn’t find me in a crowd because, opposite to Sara and Betinho, I’m a shorty. Other than that, I usually stick out with my Scandi accent (which people tend to confuse with Canadian or Irish).

You want to be remembered as?
I would love to be remembered as someone you could talk to about ANYTHING.

If money was no object, what would you like to do all day?
Travel and live in different countries of the world, have brunch and drink coffee all day.

Best moment of your life so far?
The moment when I get together with family & friends after being away for a long time. I love the feeling of not seeing someone for over a year, but still feel like I’ve only been gone for a couple of days, as relationships always remain the same.

Why you are part of Octos?
Because I’m passionate about digital marketing and I like the dynamic nature of this industry. The multicultural team of Octos.

What do people like about you?
I’m very easy-going